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The word intranet comes from Intra (internal) + Net.

An Intranet is a mini in-house Internet, made of a combination of web and application based environments. Intranets are the base of a modern and successful companies without the need of an office or paper trails and will speed up your company’s internal workflow.

They are often referred to as corporate portals and are private networks designed to fend off unauthorized users.


Communication & Productivity Booster

Intranets are used for collaboration between the employees of your organization. Intranet adds internal tools like discussion groups, forums and bulletin boards that distribute necessary information or documents among the employees.

Intranets provide rapid channels for employees to gain access to information. Since personnel can access data from any anywhere, teams working on projects can collaborate easily, ensuring better and faster results.

Time Saver & Cost Reducer

Adding an intranet to your business will save time by giving employees access to information at all times.

Intranets save money by no more printing and distribution costs.

Overall, adding an intranet will reduce costs across the board, including corporate training, administrative and operational purposes.

Incorporated and Distributed Paperless Environment & Rich in Format

Incorporated and Distributed Paperless Environment & Rich in Format

Intranets use dynamic distribution of stored information on varying operating systems and computer types.

Intranets deliver information in audio or video. Multimedia programs can be used allowing interaction and quick dispersal of data.

Increases collaboration & lifting up team spirit

Adding an intranet to your organization will boost teamwork by easy access to company data. Contents within the intranet, company declaration section, help desk, FAQ, or employee handbook help community building at your company.


Contact manager/company, directory lists employee phones, emails, etc.

Internal job postings

On board equipment monitoring alerts

Project summaries & schedules

File sharing

Meeting room booking

Organizational chart including contacts, images

Search + Advance search

General company info (policies and table of contents and agreements)

Messaging system (private messaging)


Shared calendar events, and many other features